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In memory of Kabosu, we launched it in the form of $DOJEE, and airdrop to each of our $JEETON's holder in hope of them holding $DOJEE to their dear hearts, and perhaps reminding them of the great legacy of Kabosu, or Doge. However, in a quick turn of event, and to our horror, our community dump the fuck out of $DOJEE and immediately killed Kabosu for the second time. Do we want to risk reviving it and potentially have it be murdered for the third time? Does Kabosu really deserve this?

Kabosu died twice on this day.

It was an airdrop to $jeeton holders. The token has no financial value except memorial tribute to Kabosu, the dogecoin dog.

CA: 3vLyGV4CQgHvssoCTurXv9VN3UhsE5zspdpJtUb1N4Tv

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